Feminist Campus is a national network of several hundred student-run organizations & a project of the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Since 1997, Feminist Campus has informed and activated young feminists around the very real—and still very real—threats to abortion access and civil rights posed by right-wing extremists. Today, Feminist Campus creates change at the campus, local, and national levels. We exist to ensure that every college and university campus has a thriving feminist presence, working with students to:

* Launch new feminist organizations on campuses across the country;
* Supplement the work of existing student-led feminist organizations;
* Implement feminist campaigns on campus and in the community;
* Provide educational, organizational, tactical, and leadership support;
* Bring student voices, interests, and issues to the national stage;
* Organize on-the-ground to defeat anti-feminist state legislation; and
* Host conferences and summits to educate and train activists.