Feminist Majority Foundation's National Young Feminist Leadership Conference March 23-25, 2024

We strive to make the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference an empowering environment for feminists of all backgrounds. However, we can’t do this by ourselves. We need your help to make this space one in which all participants can show up as our full selves.

We’ve created some community guidelines for our weekend that we want to inform how we engage with each other.

  • One diva, one mic. Respect your fellow feminists by not talking over, interrupting, or having side conversations while they are speaking!
  • Move up, move back. If you are someone who loves to speak, challenge yourself to move up into a space where others can voice their thoughts. If you’re someone who doesn’t speak up in group settings often, challenge yourself to move up into a space of sharing what’s on your mind with the group.
  • Use “I” statements. We are all experts of our own experience and your own experience is important. We want to know about you! Speak from your experience.
  • Remember impact over intention. Be mindful of the impact of your words, deeds, and actions on your fellow feminists. Be respectful of others identities, experiences, and thoughts. Intention is nice, but impact is real.
  • Be careful with each other so that you can be dangerous together. We’re in the fight of our lives, and now, more than ever, it’s imperative that we’re a united front. Hold each other with grace and care throughout this weekend. Be willing to be challenged. Be receptive to loving critique. Be open to new connections, new friends, and new folks!

The Feminist Majority Foundation prides itself on being a multi-issue organization and we aim to create our conference in the same spirit. Because of this, we can’t detail the fine points of the material covered in each session. All of our workshops and panels will be structured with the focus on representing varied perspectives and experiences. Additionally, we understand and recognize that the nature of some of the things we talk about at NYFLC are potentially triggering for participants. There will be quiet spaces available throughout the hotel as well as surveys to provide feedback to National Campus Organizers and FMF staff. We encourage you to make use of both of these over your time with us at NYFLC.

We will not tolerate or permit threatening or harassing behavior by attendees. If you engage in this behavior, you will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund for any costs you may have incurred. If you feel physically unsafe, please find an FMF staff member and report the situation.

We are aiming to create a conference that contributes to the movement of creating a world in which women of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people, gender non-conforming people, and all people are treated equally and with dignity and respect. With your help, we can get there. Thank you for coming and have a great time at NYFLC!