New Abortion Billboard in Atlanta Targets African American Leaders

Not again. Another anti-abortion billboard was put on display by the Restoration Project in Atlanta last week, this time targeting African American leader Jesse Jackson. The billboard reads “What does it mean to be betrayed?” with “betrayed” written in blood-scripted letters. What’s even more insulting is The Restoration Project’s domain for their website: It […]

My Sistas Have Spoken! Now It’s Time to Act: The 2011 SisterSong “Let’s Talk About Sex” Conference

Last week, Feminist Majority Foundation afforded me an amazing opportunity to attend the 2011 SisterSong “Let’s Talk About Sex: Love Legislation and Leadership” conference in Miami, Florida from July 13-17. SisterSong is a reproductive justice non-profit for women of color that is a conglomerate of 80 local and national grassroots organizations that target minorities.  The […]