Student Voting FAQs

Can I register to vote where I go to school?

YES. In 1979, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Symm v. United States that you have the right to register and vote where you go to school even if you don’t intend to reside there permanently (or you live in a residence hall). Certain ID may be required when you register to vote for the first time–find your state’s laws here.

Will my financial aid or student loans be affected by where I register to vote?

NO. Where you register to vote has no effect on your scholarships, student loans, tuition payments, health insurance, or car insurance. If you hear otherwise, challenge the information source and contact a Feminist Campus organizer.

Should I register at my family’s home address and vote by absentee ballot?

IT DEPENDS. You have a vested interest in voting where you spend the majority of your year, so make your vote count in the community where you live. We recommend that students register to vote where they’ll be living on Election Day.

Can I use a P.O. Box as my address when registering to vote?

NO. You must use a physical street address when registering to vote so that election officials can assign you to a voting precinct. If you live in a residence hall, the name and street address of the building must be used on your registration form. However, a P.O. Box can be used as your mailing address for voting materials.