Comic: Feminist Workout

By Anna Greer

I was protesting at the Supreme Court in support of Whole Woman’s Health when I realized that anti-abortion people have no upper-body strength and can’t hold up their signs for very long. Feminism is hard work. The fight for social justice isn’t a sprint, but a very, very, very long marathon.

FMF Workout Final RezTranscript

Feminist Workout

Panel 1

(A person sweats as they lift a barbell with determination)

Caption: We lift weights…

Panel 2

(A crowd of activists stand before the Supreme Court, holding signs saying “ERA Yes!” and “Stop the War on Women”)

Caption: so we can lift signs.

Panel 3

(A person jogs along a road. A girl in a racing wheelchair speeds past her)

Caption: We work on our endurance…

Panel 4

(Outside a Planned Parenthood clinic. A clinic escort wraps an arm around the shoulders of a patient, shielding them from anti-abortion protestors)

Caption: so that others can endure.

Panel 5

(Someone drinks from a water bottle) 

Caption: But we have to prioritize self-care…

Panel 6

(A person relaxes while taking a bubble bath)

Caption: so we can go the distance.

By Anna Greer

Anna is an intern with the Feminist Majority Foundation and a dedicated activist. A junior at the University of Tennessee, her major is Social Justice and Storytelling: Promoting Human Rights Through Comics. She is president of UT's Feminist Alliance and PR Chair for the Women's Coordinating Council. Anna is also an unapologetic nerd, playing quidditch and cosplaying with abandon.

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