Feminist Campus Syllabus: Fall 2019

By Feminist Campus Team

Welcome back to campus!

This semester, we’re mobilizing for our feminist present and future. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved–pick a topic from our fall syllabus and let’s get to work:

Ratifying the ERA

The Equal Rights Amendment has been ratified in 37 states already, which means we only need ONE more state to sign on and enshrine gender equality in the U.S. constitution. Currently, robust movements to be the 38th state to ratify are happening in Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Louisiana. Are you located in one of these states and want to advocate for the ERA? Let us know!

Vote Feminist 2019

This November, elections are happening across the country. Voting is an essential tool–especially in non-presidential election years–to gain power to build our feminist future. Our campaign has the tools, strategies, and resources to get students on your campus to the polls. Fill out this form and the Feminist Campus team will be in touch to help you mobilize the vote on your campus.


Over the summer, abortion bans swept the country. The domestic gag rule imposed on clinics receiving Title X family planning funding went into effect a month ago. There’s no question: abortion providers and clinics are under attack. But students and community members can protect clinics facing wide-scale harassment from anti-abortion extremists by serving as clinic escorts and legal observers. Ready to fight back? Sign up here and an organizer will reach out to you!

Interested in other elective courses? Check out all of our Feminist Campus campaigns to get the ball rolling on your campus activism. As you begin the new semester, we’re excited to get back to work with you and we’d love to hear about what feminist activities you’re looking forward to this fall semester. Tell us about it here!

What are you waiting for? Gather your people, pick a campaign, and join the movement.

Don’t get left behind.

By Feminist Campus Team


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