FIFA Is Totally Sexist: These Five Examples Prove It

By Charlotte Robertson

You know by now that the US women’s soccer team won the FIFA World Cup. Though it was a great victory for the US team, women athletes around the world continue to face gender discrimination on the field, especially at the hands of FIFA.

1. The Women’s World Cup was played on artificial turf.

No World Cup has ever been played on turf, and the next two Men’s World Cups are scheduled to play on grass. A group of women athletes originally filed a lawsuit against FIFA’s turf decision that was later dropped. Playing on turf results in more fatigue and injuries – and during the games, it was as hot as 120 degrees.

2. Sepp Blatter, previous head of FIFA, said that in order to make women’s soccer more popular they should, “let the women play in more feminine clothes.”

His suggestion? Tighter shorts.

3. There are only three women on the 27-member FIFA Executive Committee.

There were none until 2013.

4. FIFA pays men and women players vastly differently.

The highest paid man, Cristiano Ronaldo, makes $19 million. This paycheck is 47.5 times greater than Marta, who is paid $400,000 annually.

5. This economic disparity continues when it comes to actual tournaments.

This Sunday, the US women’s team won the World Cup and was awarded $2 million. This award is four times less that the US men’s team was awarded after they lost the World Cup in the first round.


By Charlotte Robertson

Charlotte is a Communications major at Ithaca College. She enjoys drinking lattes, overanalyzing literature, and smashing the patriarchy in her free time. Charlotte is currently working as a summer Media Intern at the Feminist Majority Foundation.

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