Happy Summer Vacation from Feminist Campus!

By Feminist Campus Team

You’ve been downing all the caffeine in sight.

You’ve been writing essays until the wee hours of the morning.

You might have cried once…or twice…or a couple of times.

And when your alarm went off for your 8:30 AM bio exam after you just finished your all-nighter at 5 AM, you probably looked like this meme:

Well congratulations, you precious flower. You made it through the hellscape known as Finals Week! From all of us here at Feminist Campus, we want to congratulate you on the hand work you’ve put in this year in the classroom and in your community. Being a student leader working to promote feminism, slay the patriarchy, dismantle systems of oppression AND graduate on time with honors isn’t easy! But here you are, papers turned in, exams graded and on your way to enjoying the ultimate reward: a glorious, glowing, bright new summer vacation!

For our feminist graduates, we want to say thank you for all the work you’ve put in over the past four years! Seeing you grow as feminist changemakers is an honor and we’re so excited for all the things you have coming up next!

Make sure you join our Alumni Network so you can stay linked in (see what I did there?) to all of the things we’ve got going on at Feminist Campus. If you’re on the hunt for a job, our Feminist Jobs Board is a great place to start! You get a brand new list of feminist jobs in your inbox every single week and the pickings are spread across the country!

For those of you still in school, we’ll be here over the summer working to help you get your fall semester off to a great start! Feel free to email Campus Team at [email protected] to make plans, share your ideas for fall, and discuss ways we can support you in the fight!

So lay back in your poolside lounge chair, sip that tall cold glass of lemonade, pull out your stunner shades and relax! You’ve earned it. Keep in touch with us via our social media platforms and enjoy your summer vacation!

In solidarity,

Chelsea Yarborough, HBCU/Southern National Campus Organizer

Kelli Musick, Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic National Campus Organizer

By Feminist Campus Team


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