Latinas Empowered for Action Conference

By Guest Blogger

This past weekend I attended the Latina Empowerment in Action Conference held by California Latinas for Reproductive Justice at California State University Northridge. This was an amazing conference filled with feminist fun. The conference consisted of workshops, group exercises, discussions and games (which I did not win).

The attendees ranged from students, organization representatives, and the Los Angeles general population. Women were able to network, share ideas, and come up with strategies to empower their community.

The workshops ranged from coalition-building training to advocacy and policy training. The exercises that followed focused on situational strategy planning and teamwork in building and following bills and policies.

The discussions offered the attendees a chance to sound out on the issues they feel greatly affect the Latina and immigrant population. What was shared, and the focal point of the conference, was the introduction and development of the intersection of issues in the lives of the Latina community. Words like child care, workers rights, reproductive care and access, gender, domestic violence, political power, sex education and access, sexuality, environmental issues, and access to health care, filled the board describing the Latina women and immigrant experience.

Here are the photos from the event.

Lea and Shannon 4
Lea and Shannon 5

For more info, check out California Latinas for Reproductive Justice.

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