Love Your Body Day

By Bailey Hovland

Last Wednesday was Love Your Body Day, a date to pay homage every person’s right to self-love and body positivity. In a world of Kardashians, it can be hard to be positive about your body and taking pride assets in your unique assets (pun slightly intended). Love Your Body Day is all about changing that.

It was refreshing for me to have to refocus my mental image of myself as I got ready on Wednesday morning. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror, examining the pores on my nose and overanalyzing the red spots that dotted my face. In my oversized t-shirt, the only imperfections I was faced with were on my face, yet I was eager to conceal my face behind a mask of makeup in exchange for a boost in confidence. I caught myself before I was swept away by all of the things that were wrong with me and decided that in honor of some self-love, I was going to use my makeup differently that morning.

Instead of focusing on smoothing over all of the issues my mind was constantly pointing out to me, I was going to use my makeup to highlight the features I love about myself. I used a little brow filler to enhance my eyebrows that were already on fleek. I painted black wings on my eyelids to draw attention to my Disney princess- sized blue eyes. My makeup routine stayed basically the same, but instead of hiding my face away and creating a new me, I illuminated the things I loved about my natural features.

Then came the ever-daunting task of picking out an outfit for work. It had to be professional, stylish, yet make me feel as self-assured as Kanye in pretty much any setting. Usually, if I feel slim or skinny, I feel confident, which is kind of messed up considering the fact that I will never look like society’s current type of model. I turned to my life icon, Beyonce, and chose to highlight my strength. I wore wedge booties that showed off my toned calves under my skinny dress pants paired with a flowy black shirt that tapered in on my arms, giving off a femme gun show of my own.

Walking out of my apartment that morning, I felt GOOD about myself. But I looked no different than I did any other day. Love Your Body Day had made me reevaluate my morning routine of negatively assessing myself and made it into a little confidence booster to start my day. Although Love Your Body Day is officially celebrated on October 19th, you should try and love your body all the time. Show some self-love and slay all day, every day.



By Bailey Hovland

Bailey Hovland is an Intern at Feminist Majority Foundation. Studying at Concordia College in Minnesota, Bailey is an English major (and supporter for the Oxford comma) and a psychology minor. She is officially Beyoncé's #1 fan, a lover Minnesota and its lakes, and can (and will) talk to you about Harry Potter forever.

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