Mari’s #SurvivorLoveLetter

By Mari Vangen

This year for Valentine’s Day the campus team is participating in Tani Ikeda’s #SurvivorLoveLetter project to send good feels to the survivors in our lives, including ourselves. More info can be found here.

Dear Survivor,

You are so loved. You are loved by me, by your people and community – but mostly you are loved by you. I am in awe of the way that you love and care for yourself. I don’t have to tell you that you are worthy of respectful, all encompassing, gentle, soul consuming love – because you already know. Because you have always known.

We all have our own journey to healing, and you get to dictate yours. The way that you are choosing to heal is perfect in its imperfections. The way that you are choosing to heal is beautiful. Watching you protect yourself, express your needs and demand space has been both heart wrenching and inspiring. Heart wrenching because you shouldn’t have to do this work, and inspiring because you do it with such grace.

You are powerful. Your power is your seemingly boundless empathy. The way that you support others while healing yourself is impossible to me. You are able to hold space for others because you have a Mensa level of emotional intelligence. You gently put people at ease and make everyone feel loved and heard. Everything you do is gentle.

I support your decisions, your perceptions and your dreams – because I trust you. You are, and have always been, deserving of support and trust.

I love you and am thankful to have you in my life.

All my love,

By Mari Vangen

Mari Vangen is a National Campus Organizer with the Feminist Majority Foundation. A proud Minnesotan, Mari loves her bike, watches Broad City religiously and is passionate about all things related to whales. [email protected]

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