Meet the Summer Interns!

By Feminist Campus Team

The Feminist Majority Foundation offers internships throughout the year in our Washington, DC and Los Angeles offices. We are so excited to have a new class of interns join us this summer! Interns are an essential part of the Feminist Majority Foundation office and perform a wide variety of responsibilities, including monitoring press conferences, research, web and social media outreach and writing, event and community organizing, public policy analysis, organizational networking, media relations, and monitoring Congressional hearings. Each intern works closely with a staff member in order to learn directly from hands on experience and to contribute to substantive projects. Check out our East Coast Summer 2017 Interns below! 

Abigail Ulman

College/University & Major: Georgetown University, Science, Technology, and International Affairs major with a concentration in Energy and Environment & a Chinese minor

FMF Projects: Feminist Campus, doing social media, writing blogs, and doing outreach to college campus feminist groups. My second project is on Saudi Arabia, researching women’s rights and the conditions in the country, and how FMF can help women there.

What Feminist Issues are you most passionate about?: I am most passionate about the intersection of environmental justice and women’s rights, especially women’s economic empowerment and sexual violence against women as it relates to energy access and sustainable development. I am also passionate about women’s reproductive health and justice.

What are you most excited about living in D.C.?: As I go to Georgetown, I’ve spent a couple years in DC already. But I’m excited about not having to be obligated to do schoolwork, and instead spend my weekends exploring different farmer’s markets and museums in the city.

Favorite Place in DC: I love the gardens outside the Hirshhorn Museum!

About Abigail: I’m originally from Fairfield, CT, but now spend most of the year studying, working, and/or interning (AKA procrastinating by watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix) in Washington, D.C. My dream job is to volunteer in the Peace Corps, then go into nonprofit work focusing on sustainable development, environmentalism, women’s empowerment, and feminism. I once spent a full hour talking continuously about recipes made from fresh fruits and vegetables with a friend, and I get excited about composting. I legitimately enjoy running, think every dog is cute, and will become a crazy dog lady someday. I’m excited to spend this summer working for the Feminist Majority Foundation with a ton of amazing women!


Rachel Greenberg

College/University & Major: University of Maryland, College Park-Women’s Studies and Government & Politics double major

FMF Projects: Feminist Campus and Equal Rights Amendment

What Feminist Issues are you most passionate about? I’m really interested in bodies and how misogyny, racism, and other social forces impact people’s bodies, so I’m particularly passionate about healthcare, sexual empowerment, and preventing violence.

What are you most excited about living in D.C.? Free museums and restaurant exploring!

Favorite Place in DC: Capitol Hill and really all of the monuments make me feel a patriotic tingle that politics and movements are powerful, so I could stare at them all day.

About Rachel: Hiya! I’m Rachel and I’m from central New Jersey, and I study Women’s Studies and Government & Politics at UMD. I’m interested in using politics to further feminist goals and create change for women and other marginalized people, particularly in terms of health care and reproductive rights. Right now, I plan to get a Masters in Public Policy (or possibly go to law school) and specialize in health care policy. Other than that, I love staying hydrated and commenting “angel” on my friends’ Instagrams. I make a lot of obscure comedy references, read and write a lot of poetry, and don’t share dessert. I’m really excited to write for this blog to be a part of an awesome community of feminist college students. Can’t wait to share some thoughts and hear yours too!


Liana Thomason

College/University & Major: Bryn Mawr College, English and Spanish major and philosophy minor.

FMF Projects: Feminist Newswire, Feminist Campus blog

What Feminist Issues are you most passionate about?: I’m particularly committed to ending sexual violence against women and defending access to reproductive healthcare. My feminism is deeply tied to protecting the environment and ending racism, homophobia, and classism. I believe that these are all feminist issues.

What are you most excited about living in D.C.?: I’m excited to be living in D.C. because I have direct proximity to politicians who may have a significant impact on my life. I plan to attend many rallies and engage in other forms of activism in order to fight for the values I believe in. Especially in the current political climate, engaging in this discourse is extremely important to me.

Favorite Place in DC: Philz Coffee in Adams Morgan

About Liana: I’m a queer Jewish woman from Berkeley, CA and I currently attend Bryn Mawr College. I got my start in advocacy work in 2014 when I founded the group BHS Stop Harassing at my high school to combat the culture there that normalized sexual harassment and assault. Since then, I have served as an advisor to the Girl’s Leadership Council of Lower Merion High School and as a member of the Students Against Sexual Harm collective (SASH) at my college. I’m excited to gain more tools and experience in feminist activism through my work with Feminist Majority Foundation!

Internships are a vital part of your campus experience-why not spend your semester with Feminist Campus? We have internships for spring, summer and fall semesters in our East and West Coast offices and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For more information about our internship program, to submit an application or ask a question about internship opportunities with the Feminist Majority Foundation, feel free to send us an email! To reach the East Coast Office, email [email protected]. To reach the West Coast, email [email protected]

By Feminist Campus Team


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  1. I love the work of the Feminist Majority and have been involved in the anti-sexual violence field for over 45 years having started when i was an activist at the University of Maryland in the 1960-1970’s. When I wonder/worry about the future of feminism, especially on college campuses, I only have to read about the work of the interns and I am reassured that feminism is alive and kicking on campus. Thank you all for your great work and for sharing your writing.

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