National Day of Action for Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault

By Shivani Desai

Tomorrow is our National Day of Action for survivors of sexual assault. Throughout campuses across the nation, students will be organizing, each individual action coming together in collective power and resonance.

Interested? Here are some ways for your campus group to get involved on October 19:

  1. Host a Sister Vigil on your campus. We encourage groups to host this space outside of their campus Title IX Coordinator’s office, or outside of the main administration building. If you’re planning on holding a vigil on your campus register it here, and if you’re in the Washington D.C. area, we encourage you to join the National Vigil for Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault being held outside of the Department of Education at 7 PM EST on Thursday.
  2. Plan a Petition or Letter Drop. If your group has been working on an open letter or list of demands to take to your administration, drop the letter off this Thursday as a part of our united effort.
  3. Write a collective Op-Ed for your school newspaper. Help garner campus attention by publishing a piece in your student newspaper emphasizing survivor-centered needs and holding your institution accountable.
  4. Flood your local newspaper with Letters to the Editor. Letters to the Editor are often selected for publishing based on volume and amount of support for an issue, so sending as many as possible is helpful. Ask each member of your group (as well as other student allies!) to write a short letter (1-2 paragraphs is great) emphasizing the importance of advocating for survivor’s rights on campus.
  5. Put on a campus-wide Photo Campaign. Show solidarity and share why supporting survivors is crucial. Blast the campaign on social media using the hashtags #StopBetsy and #SupportSurvivors. In all social media efforts, be mindful of including content warnings.
  6. Hold a Tweetstorm. Pick a specific time and ask all of your members and allies to flood their social media accounts (be sure to use likes and shares to garner as much visibility!), or join our Tweetstorm from 6-8 PM EST on Thursday. Use hashtags #StopBetsy and #SupportSurvivors to share why these rollbacks are unacceptable and inhumane.
  7. Host a Hunting Ground Screening. Gather students on your campus to watch a screening of The Hunting Ground, a film that shows the pattern of systemic cover up of sexual assault on college campuses. You can find more information on hosting a screening, including a discussion guide, at Please make sure to have support resources for survivors, as the film can be difficult to watch.
  8. Hold a Healing Space. Recent federal actions are unacceptable, and the news has been heavy and difficult for so many. Engage in community care: color, eat great food, watch a lighthearted movie, or do whatever you need to do to help take care of yourselves and each other.
  9. Research and uplift trustworthy campus resources or student organizing efforts. If your school has a student hotline or other important support, highlight their work to raise campus awareness and knowledge regarding available resources.

Join us in whatever way is best for your group as we come together, finding strength and resilience in each other and our community.

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