Top 5 Reasons to Attend NYFLC 2016-Reason #2

By Feminist Campus Team

One of my favorite parts of my undergraduate experience was getting to attend conferences all over-from the first time I attended a large scale conference with my fellow Women’s, Gender and Sexuality majors, I was hooked on it. The panels! The speakers! The conference swag bags! However, my favorite part of attending conferences was how many amazing people I was able to meet in such a small span of time. At every conference I’ve attended, I’ve left with a ton of new friends-folks who have become my colleagues, mentors and friends.

Chelsea making new friends.

So dear feminist, my reason for why you should come to NYFLC 2016 is so you can connect to your feminist community! Every year, NYFLC draws students, organizers, academics and activists from across the country-NYFLC is the place for you to meet up, learn from each other, hear about what’s going on at someone else’s campus and to share what’s happening on yours! After three days of dreaming and scheming to take down the patriarchy, you’ll be sure to go home with a bunch of new feminist friends from across the US! And what could be better than that?

By Feminist Campus Team


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