Roe Weekend Wrap-Up

By Feminist Campus Team
Supreme Court Rally

The East Coast Campus Team had a very eventful week with all of the Roe v. Wade events going on! On Thursday, January 20, the Team attended the “We are the Champions Event” hosted by Choice USA, where several pro-choice leaders went “head to head” to discuss reproductive issues facing women today. Among these women were the amazing Amy Richards, Shelby Knox, and Kierra Johnson engaging the packed hall and answering questions. It was a great event to unite the reproductive choice movement and get people involved nation-wide with their live twitter feed displaying quotes and ideas from the speakers and attendees.

On Friday, the campus team attended National Organization for Women’s vigil at the Supreme Court to commemorate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Dozens of feminists faired the freezing cold to come out and chant, talk, and celebrate our right to choose abortion. Followed by a wonderful social at the Mott House, advocates had the opportunity to thaw out and enjoy refreshments while they got to know other pro-choice activists.

On Sunday, the Campus Team attended a counter-protest at Germantown Reproductive Health Services where anti-choice groups gathered to have a press conference and a “Prayer Walk.” This walk and conference focused on rallying people to help “kick out” Dr. Carhart, a late-term abortion provider who recently started working in Germantown. Several pro-choice advocates attended this walk to show the community their support for the clinic and Dr. Carhart, including people from FMF, NOW and World Can’t Wait. These advocates marched up and down the sidewalk with signs and chants showing their appreciation and support.

On Monday, we attended the annual “Walk for Life” in Washington, D.C., where thousands of students and anti-choice supporters come to walk and rally against the Roe v. Wade decision. Although the pro-choice crowd was grossly outnumbered, they held their own with their signs and chants showing the crowds that there were supporters for Roe v. Wade and the right to choose. Among them were an inspirational group of local Catholic School students who broke away from their mandatory attendance to the walk to join the pro-choice group with wonderful signs such as “Use Condom Sense.” It was definitely an intense experience with anti-choice advocates surrounding and screaming at the pro-choice group. But we will never forget that we are the majority!

By Feminist Campus Team


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