Kwajelyn Jackson-Community Education and Advocacy Director, Feminist Women's Health Center

The Black Herstory Month Series: Kwajelyn Jackson-Unapologetically Intersectional, Undeniably Cool

For Black History Month, we honor and celebrate the fabulous black feminists and wonderful womanists who continue to build the feminist movement and bend the arc of history toward justice. Today’s Fantastic Black Feminist is Kwajelyn Jackson-Kwajelyn currently works as the Community Education and Advocacy Director at the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, Georgia. […]

Black Herstory Month: The Belles of Liberty-A Legacy of Resistance, A Lifetime of Sisterhood

At the intersections of sisterhood, education and social justice lies Bennett College. The institution located in Greensboro, North Carolina was founded in 1873 as a co-ed institution with a mission to educate newly emancipated U.S. citizens formerly known as slaves. In 1926 the college became an all-women’s college, catering only to African American women and […]