Welcome Back, Feminist Campus Activists!

By Edwith Theogene

Welcome back to school! For most of you, the 2015-2016 school year has already kicked off – and that means back to books, back to exams, and back to feminist campus activism.  We have some tips to help you get the semester started!

Join a Feminist Group on Campus or FMF Alumnae group! Start the school year off with joining or renewing your membership with your campus feminist group.  If there isn’t one then think about starting one!  We are here to help you get off the ground.  If you have already graduated, join our feminist alumnae group to stay connected to activism and to network with feminists in the professional world.

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Get Out Her Vote! This November Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kentucky will host gubernatorial, statewide executive and state legislature elections while New Jersey and Virginia will host state legislative elections. There will also be tons of local elections all over the country. Young feminist voting is essential, even in non-presidential election years; this is our future being decided. Our Get Out Her Vote Campaign  gives you the tools, strategies, and resources to get students at your college out to the polls. If you’re interested in tackling voter engagement this semester, please let us know and don’t hesitate to contact the team for questions, guidance, or advice.

Follow us on Social Media! A great way to stay connected to feminist news, actions, and resources from us is to follow Feminist Campus on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Tumblr!  Last week we highlighted some awesome starts to the semester on Instagram. Check it out!

Be on the lookout for more information and exciting actions!

By Edwith Theogene

Edwith is an intersectional social justice activist and advocate passionate about issues that impact women and communities of color. She is a Washington D.C. based South Florida Native who loves people, quotes, coffee, and pop culture, especially 90’s tv shows.

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