Welcome Summer 2016 Interns: Part 2

By Edwith Theogene

The Feminist Majority Foundation offers internships throughout the year in our Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA offices. We are so excited to have a new class of Interns join us this summer. Interns are an essential part of the Feminist Majority Foundation office and perform a wide variety of responsibilities, including monitoring press conferences, research, web and social media outreach and writing, event and community organizing, public policy analysis, organizational networking, media relations, and monitoring Congressional hearings. Each intern works closely with a staff member in order to learn directly from hands on experience and to contribute to substantive projects. Check out our Summer 2016 Interns below!


lauren1Lauren Morris
College/University and Major: Samford University
FMF Projects: Education Equity, Media
What Feminist issues are you most passionate about: Addressing the discrepancy between Title IX and its implementation across the country, combating the sexualization of women in media, dismantling the “man-up” culture that encourages hyper-masculinity, and supporting girls’ education internationally
What are you most excited about living in D.C.? Interacting with FMF’s staff and other organizations who have a track-record of fighting for gender equality, visiting the Museum of Natural History attending educational events at the Holocaust Museum
My name is Lauren Morris, and I am ecstatic to be working with the Feminist Majority Foundation’s education and media teams this summer! Though I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to study English at Samford University. My decision to apply for and accept an internship with FMF was an easy one. FMF’s commitment to extensive research on feminist issues was evident to me when I reviewed the history and accomplishes of FMF’s Education team, led by Sue Klein Ed.D. Documents like FMF’s 2010 WEEA proposal, which is the only existing federal legislation focused solely on promoting full implementation of Title IX, clearly demonstrates FMF’s history of dedication to fighting for sex and gender equality. After learning about this document and others like it, I prioritized an internship with FMF. During my time FMF, I hope to play an instrumental part in creating and encouraging the adoption of the Gender Equity in Education Act in Congress. I am excited to work with lawmakers to ensure full implementation of Title IX Coordinators in all jurisdictions and levels of education. Likewise, I look forward to publishing and distributing educational materials on Title IX. Lastly, during my internship with FMF, I aspire to create a game-plan to combat the negative connotations that accompany the word “feminism” on my campus.


Monica DoebelMonica
College/University and Major: Hollins University, Gender & Women’s Studies and English
FMF Projects: National Clinic Access Project and Government Relations
What feminist issue are you most passionate about: Reproductive justice and rights for LGBT+ women
What’s your favorite spot in D.C.? Old Town Alexandria
What are you most excited about living in D.C.? The opportunity to participate in political events

Hey, my name is Monica Doebel, and I’m an intern from Sterling, Virginia. I am a Gender & Women’s Studies and English major at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. Throughout my college experience, I have increasingly gravitated towards feminist thought and activism. While my involvement with FMF will certainly complement my studies, my reasons for seeking an internship are not only academic; I am personally motivated as well. The recent sociopolitical climate demands my action as well as my attention. I cannot, in good conscience, remain idle in the face of such issues as the Center for Medical Progress’s attacks on reproductive rights and the rapidly-approaching presidential election. FMF is the ideal place to spend my summer working to improve the lives of women. I aim to become more informed during my time here at FMF, especially regarding reproductive rights policies and effective methods for enacting political change. My voice is bound to strengthen throughout this experience, and I hope to use it in written projects and in lobbying efforts. I look forward to learning as much as possible and taking advantage of all Washington, D.C. has to offer, from its many museums to Capitol Hill.


TheresaTheresa Green
College/University and Major: Carleton College, Psychology with Women’s and Gender Studies concentration
FMF Projects: Education Equity Campaign, Campus
What Feminist Issues are you most passionate about: Education and opportunity access, Violence against women
What are you most excited about living in D.C.? Touring it!!!! I’m a nerdy tourist and love going to museums and memorials and seeing and experiencing everything there is to see and experience in new places!
Favorite place in D.C.: The National Mall

Hey everyone! My name is Theresa Green and I am from Memphis, Tennessee. I’m a rising junior at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota and am pursuing a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies. After I graduate, I hope to pursue either a PhD or law degree and will incorporate my interest and passion for gender and sexuality equality in my future career. I am interning with the Feminist Majority Foundation this summer because of our shared strong commitment to make positive change in women’s lives. As a member of numerous activist and awareness groups for human rights on my college campus, my desire to be part of the movement(s) to improve and ensure education, opportunity, safety, and healthcare access for all women has been strengthened. I am committed to devoting my life to these issues in my future education and career. I will write about, discuss, protest, and be engaged. I have pledged to not just sit at the table but to be an active member at that table. I hope to have a summer of learning and growth, and I believe that working with the Feminist Majority Foundation will certainly help me increase my knowledge, passion, and experience with the many challenges that women face and equip me with the tools to combat them.


Riley HoranRiley
College/University and Major: Florida State University, Psychology
FMF Projects: National Clinic Access Project and Communications
What Feminist Issue are you most passionate about: I am most passionate about reproductive rights and abortion access, civil rights, and LGBT rights
What are you most excited about living in D.C.? The amount of history at every corner. There are so many free opportunities and so many things to learn and I am excited to do that with such a great group of interns!

My name is Riley Horan! I am entering my final semester at Florida State University studying psychology with hopes of going to law school afterwards. I initially came to college from Sarasota, Florida with dreams of pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, but after a few wonderful opportunities with our campus’ Center for Leadership and Social Change as well as a few terrible chemistry classes, I quickly learned that my passion lies in the fight for human rights. I am honored to be interning with Feminist Majority Foundation because it gives me the tools and ability to use my voice to work towards a better society for women everywhere. During my time here I hope to better my writing skills, increase my understanding of the state of womanhood in the United States, and effectively learn about what is next for the feminist movement. I am eager to see how my skills and position can positively impact this movement, as well as how this position will impact me as a woman, feminist, and professional.


EmmaEmma Roberts College/University & Major: Bowdoin College, Sociology
FMF Projects: Media and Women’s Health Research
What Feminist Issues are you most passionate about: Economic and racial justice, reproductive justice
What are you most excited about living in DC? I’m really excited to experience life in such a politically charged city, especially during an election year.

Hi! My name is Emma Roberts. I’m originally from Denver, CO, but I currently go to school at Bowdoin College in Maine. I’m really happy to be interning with the Feminist Majority Foundation this summer, and I’m looking forward to this opportunity to learn more about feminist issues nationally and internationally and have the chance to apply this knowledge in my work with FMF and beyond. I chose to intern with FMF because I am passionate about social justice and admired the work that the organization has done on a wide variety of issues. I’m excited to apply the knowledge that I’ve gained through my classes and experiences in school to a real world context, especially in Washington DC, where so many important decisions are made. I hope that I will leave this internship with not only a greater understanding of the feminist issues and my relationships to feminism, but also with a knowledge of how to put this understanding into action to truly affect social change.

By Edwith Theogene

Edwith is an intersectional social justice activist and advocate passionate about issues that impact women and communities of color. She is a Washington D.C. based South Florida Native who loves people, quotes, coffee, and pop culture, especially 90’s tv shows.

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