Our Favorite Quotes from Sara Ahmed at NWSA

By Mari Vangen

The campus team is attending the NWSA Conference as a part of our #FMFdoesMidwest campus trip through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa meeting with students and faculty. We had the honor of hearing Sara Ahmed discuss fragility, precarity and working in and for the feminist movement. These are some of our favorite quotes from last night:

1.“If exposing racism is seen as damaging institutions, then we need to damage those institutions.”

2. “Intersectionality, (hello!?) it’s not just an idea, it’s in the world.”

3. “When we loosen the requirements to be in a world, we create room for others to exist in that world.” 

4. “White fragility is the inability to handle the stress of conversations about race and racism.”

5. “Feminism – a history of disagreeable women.” 

6. “Privilege is an energy saving device – there is less energy required to be or to do.”

7. “Institutional erection.” (I’m not sure exactly what this was in reference to but I think it’s important.)

To learn more About Sara Ahmed and her work – check out her website, Feminist Kill Joy http://feministkilljoys.com/


By Mari Vangen

Mari Vangen is a National Campus Organizer with the Feminist Majority Foundation. A proud Minnesotan, Mari loves her bike, watches Broad City religiously and is passionate about all things related to whales. [email protected]

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