BU Takes Back The Night!

By Guest Blogger

Guest post by Boston University Center for Gender, Sexuality, & Activism

This Friday, students at Boston University are taking back the night. The Feminist Collective, a group that meets under the Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism at Boston University, are hosting a Take Back the Night march and rally on BU’s campus. 

Take Back the Night is a campaign dedicated to education about violence and sexual assault and is an opportunity for students of all genders and from diverse backgrounds to speak out against the fear of going out at night. 

The event will begin at 7 pm, on Friday, March 30, on the Boston University beach. Students, administrators, faculty and community members will come together for a speak-out, rally, and march through BU’s campus. Speakers will include nationally Certified Sexuality Educator Megan Andelloux. Topics will include an explanation of consent, what it means to be a bystander, and an emphasis on the entire BU community ensuring the safety and support of peers and students. There will also be theater and dance performances on the BU beach afterwards. All are welcome. 

This event comes directly after several instances of reported sexual assault on BU’s campus, and intends to empower students to continue to speak out against sexual assault and violence. On Friday, BU students have an opportunity, not only to take back the night, but to take back their campus and to stand united against sexual assault and violence.

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