Activism 101: How We Said “Thank You!” To Our Local Clinic

By Guest Blogger

Students for Reproductive Justice is a relatively new group on Ball State’s campus. We had only been meeting for a couple weeks when the local anti-choice groups started their yearly 40 Days for Life campaign. Despite the fact that our local Planned Parenthood clinic does not perform abortions, there were protesters outside it every day.

Since we were a new group we were still in the process of getting organized and convincing people to join. We didn’t have a ton of resources to deploy in any sort of fancy counter-protest. In addition, we’re all busy students, and it was difficult to coordinate any sort of trip to the clinic, as it is a bit of a walk from the center of campus.


We had the idea to send cards to the clinic staff, as a way to show our support.


During one of our meetings we wrote and decorated cards, which were mailed to the clinic the following week.

We only needed paper and art supplies, which we already had, and postage. The project also gave us a chance to do something creative and productive together as a group.

The point of the cards were to show the clinic staff that the protesters aren’t the only voices in the community, even if they are the loudest.


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