Black Herstory Month: Recognizing the Women Making a Difference (Pt. 2)

By Rosemary Barber
Art Credit-Jay Tran, FMF Intern
Art Credit-Jay Tran, FMF Intern

As Black Herstory Month comes to an end it is important commend the women who are securing a better future for students. Dr. Valerie Johnson is a Professor of Women’s Studies and the Director of Africana Women’s Studies at Bennett College in North Carolina. She has dedicated her life to teaching and preserving the recognition of the contributions of African American descendants. Dr. Johnson believes that the power of education has the ability to change not only the girl, but the world.

Throughout Dr. Johnson’s career she has proven a dedication to breaking down barriers that prevent women from attaining a rewarding education. Dr Johnson has a deep understanding of how important education is, especially for women. She stated that students are “responsible to hold the past, be in the present, and propel to the future.” Dr. Johnson’s is committed to helping students reach their educational goals and her teaching style allows students to learn in ways that are most rewarding for them.

Dr. Valerie Johnson, Professor of Women’s Studies and Director of Africana Studies at Bennett College

Dr. Johnson’s teaching philosophy is an important factor in how her students learn. She believes that students are not empty vessels that she must fill with her personal knowledge. Instead she believes that teaching should be a mutual learning experience between the teacher and student. Once the ordinary teacher-student dynamic is eliminated students have the opportunity to learn in a way that breaks barriers and helps students enjoy the learning process. She asks students questions that awaken their interests and allows them to engage in their educational experience in a way that will have a meaningful impact on them.

It’s professors like Dr. Valerie Johnson that help students enjoy education. Her love and dedication to teaching students in a way that is mutually rewarding is a commendable commitment. As Black Herstory Month comes to an end we want to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Valerie Johnson for shifting the conversation about education and helping students each and every day.
Thanks for getting students excited about learning, Dr. Valerie Johnson!

By Rosemary Barber

English Major and Political Science Minor at SUNY New Paltz / Spring Intern at Feminist Majority Foundation / Lover of all things pink and glittery

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