Expose Fake Clinics

Know the Facts

  • Download our campaign toolkit to study up on fake clinics.
  • Use these databases to identify fake clinics on or near your campus.
  • If there is a fake clinic near your campus, call or visit to see what they say about abortion and birth control. Consider:
    • Do they offer abortion as an option for an unplanned pregnancy?
    • Do they offer condoms, emergency contraception, and/or birth control?
    • Do they make false claims such as “abortion causes breast cancer, infertility, suicide, or post-abortion syndrome?”
  • Contact us! We can help you implement the campaign on your campus.

Know Your Campus

  • Visit your campus health center. Consider:
    • Do they know about CPCs?
    • Where would they refer a student facing an unintended pregnancy?
    • Do they include CPCs on their referral lists?
  • Examine campus media outlets, bulletin boards, and high-traffic areas on campus for flyers or ads for your local fake clinic(s). These might look like: “Worried? Pregnant? Call XXX-XXXX”

Know Your Strategy

  • Create educational flyers and posters identifying nearby comprehensive reproductive health clinics and warning students about the fake clinics in your area.
  • Work to establish “Truth in Advertising” policies on your campus or its media and require your campus health center to tell students that abortion and contraceptive services are not available at CPCs during referrals.
  • Circulate petitions and get active locally to add your community to the growing list of cities which are demanding honesty from fake clinics.
  • Educate activists in your community on the deception of CPCs and their connections to clinic violence. Share the FMF YouTube video “Expose Fake Clinics,” or host a screening of the HBO documentary “12th & Delaware.”
  • Stage a protest outside of your nearest fake clinic, warning people about the deceptive practices of crisis pregnancy centers. Make sure to record and photograph your demonstration for social media (and tag us @feministcampus!)
  • Get involved with our Adopt-A-Clinic campaign to help keep abortion clinics in your community safe from harassment and violence.