Check It Out: Our New Resources Will Help You Get Out Her Vote!

By Alicia McElhaney

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It’s that time again! Midterm elections are right around the corner, and young people can play an important role in determining the results – but in order to do so, you have to register and vote! In order to keep everything simple, we’ve put together two new resources for you as you organize GOHV campaigns on campus and prepare to complete your very own ballot, too!

State-by-State Voting Guide

Our State-by-State Voting Guide compiles voting information for each state to make it easy for you to cast your vote. Start by clicking on your state’s name at the top of the page. From there, you’ll find information on your state’s voter ID laws, registration guidelines and restrictions, voting periods and locations, and election office contact information.


Ballot Measures to Watch

Women, people of color, and young people have a lot at stake in this election. Our organizers are currently mobilizing voters in Tennessee, Colorado, Oregon, and North Dakota to vote against dangerous anti-abortion ballot measures and support state ERA pushes, but there are many other ballot measures coming up for a vote this fall that feminists should care about. Our Ballot Measures to Watch portal will give you a quick overview of those measures by state and let you know our official position on them. (No pressure, but we do consider ourselves experts on these things.)


Voting is a seriously important part of achieving equality for women and all people. Do it for yourself, for your friends, your family, your dog, your cat (hey, animal rights matter too!), and, if you can’t find any other reason to do it, do it because voting is cool. See you at the polls!

By Alicia McElhaney

Alicia is an FMF intern and a journalism major at University of Maryland. At UMD, she teaches body positive fitness classes and hosts her own radio show. For fun, she likes to bake, pet puppies (preferably wiener dogs) and hike.

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