Feminism Going to College

By Ella Weiner

Going to college is a time of many changes; it is a transition into adulthood and independence. With independence comes the need to make many new choices. One of the choices I must make as I enter my freshman year of college is how best to keep feminism in my life. Next year I will no longer be interning with the Feminist Majority Foundation nor will I be running my school’s chapter of Girls Learn International, where we work on issues of girls’ rights and promote cross cultural understanding and communication.  As I have worked on these issues this year I have come to realize how important they are to me and how much I still want this to be a part of my life.

I will be attending Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana this fall. I am still undecided in my major, but I fully intend to take a lot of different courses to help me decide. Tulane offers interesting classes like “the Sociology of Gender” and “Sex and Gender in Antiquity.” I love history, especially early classical Greek and Roman history, so the latter class seems an ideal way to bring my interests together. This is why I originally set out to attend a college that offers a liberal arts education, in which I can choose what I want to study and find new and interesting ways of bringing together the topics that fascinate me.

I also intend to apply to be a Newcomb scholar at Tulane. Newcomb College used to be the women’s college of Tulane, but like many other women’s schools it has melded its sister college with Tulane. However, Newcomb College still maintains and runs programs that are just for women. The scholars program is an intellectually challenging program focused on women’s issues within the Tulane community. The College also provides funding for faculty and student research grants. Their mission is to:

Cultivate lifelong leadership among undergraduate women at Tulane University; Empower women by integrating teaching, research, and community engagement at Tulane University; Preserve, document, produce, and disseminate knowledge about women; and Honor the memory of H. Sophie Newcomb and carry forward the work of Newcomb College by providing a woman-centered experience in a co-ed institution.

After my time here at FMF I know more about my goals and I think this program will help to accomplish them. It should be abundantly clear that I am very excited for next year and I am eager to explore the ways to continue to be an active feminist.


  1. Dear Ella: We are so looking forward to your arrival! Even before you can apply to be a Newcomb Scholar, you can apply to do the Newcomb track of orientation, sign up for a Big Sister, and sign up for a Town Mom. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you carry forth your good work through the Newcomb College Institute.


    Sally J. Kenney
    Newcomb College Endowed Chair
    Professor of Political Science
    Executive Director, Newcomb College Institute
    Location: 43 Newcomb Place
    Mailing Address: 6823 St. Charles Avenue
    Tulane University
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70118
    504-862-8589 (fax)
    [email protected]

  2. Dear Ella,

    I’d be happy to put you in touch with the incoming president of VOX. Also, I will be offering U.S. women’s and gender history, 1830-present in the spring. I’d be delighted to meet with you for coffee when you arrive to New Orleans.


    Karissa Haugeberg
    Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
    Department of History
    (504) 862-8615
    [email protected]

  3. Ella!

    You seem awesome–I love to see future Tulanians kicking butt before they even get to college. My name is Marianna, I’m a Newcomb Scholar ’14. I’m a Gender and Sexuality Studies and English major and passionate feminist.

    Just wanted to encourage you to sign up for some GESS (Gender Studies) classes. If you want any advice about classes/life/etc shoot me an email! [email protected]. Also, apply for the NOLA Experience (the pre-semester orientation program). Newcomb has a track which I led last year that is absolutely awesome!

    Can’t wait to see you on campus!


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