Get Into It: Be a Part of the National Moment of Silence for Victims of Police Brutality

By Taylor Kuether

On Thursday at 7PM EST, cities across the country will fall silent in honor of victims of police brutality as part of the National Moment of Silence 2014 (#NMOS14).

Via NMOS14.

The National Moment of Silence was sparked in response to Saturday’s slaying of 18-year-old Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The college-bound teenager’s murder is the latest in a long string of police brutality deaths in the African-American community. From the official event page:

Police Brutality in the United States continues to be a pervasive problem that affects communities across the country. In recent years, we have had news of too many people losing their lives as a result of police brutality. We have also heard too many stories of people being sexually and otherwise physically assaulted by police. 

We are gathering together to observe a National Moment of Silence to pay respect to the lives lost and/or forever changed by the brutality of the police state.Too many citizens have suffered. Their families and friends need our positive energy and support in this moment of anger, frustration, fear, and helplessness.Join us as we gather at over 50 locations in a show of solidarity that we will no longer stand by and watch our loved ones be killed or abused by police.

As of Tuesday, more than 50 vigils are planned across the country. For those in the DC area, the vigil will be at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park in Columbia Heights. A few members of the Feminist Campus staff will be there, as well as former Feminist Majority Foundation interns – join us if you can! To find the event nearest to you, check out the movement’s Facebook page.
By Taylor Kuether

Taylor is a journalist, feminist, cat enthusiast, and proud Wisconsin native. She works for Feminist Majority Foundation as the Campus Communications Associate. Her two favorite things besides her cat, Emma, are coffee and art museums.

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