Michigan Governor Quietly Removes Portion of Abortion Bill

Photo courtesy of Flickr user US Mission Canada.

After receiving much public outcry and unwanted attention last week about the anti-abortion bill HB5711 that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has requested that one portion of the omnibus bill, recently passed by the Michigan State House, be removed.

The bill gained national attention last week, when two state lawmakers, state Representatives Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum, were banned from speaking on the House floor after using the terms “vagina” and “vasectomy.” As public outrage ensued hundreds of protesters took to the steps of Michigan’s State Capitol to protest the bill

However, according to MLive, Michigan’s local news, the self-proclaimed “pro-life” governor has also not been vocal about his disapproval of the 20 week ban. Michigan’s Right to Life chapter and a few colleagues knew that he would not support the ban before it was included in the bill, but another lawmaker added it in. Snyder has made no public announcement about his disapproval.

Snyder most likely reasserted his distaste for the provision after the bill received this negative national attention. While this may be an improvement to the original bill, HR5711 would still place several unnecessary restrictions on women’s health, such as requiring women to take the morning after pill in the presence of a doctor.

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