NYFLC 2013: Closing Assembly – Feminist Action from Campuses to State Capitols

By Emily Butler
Eleanor Smeal opened the final assembly

After a long weekend of workshops, skills building, education, and activism, the FMF campus team closed out a fantastic NYFLC that got every young feminist present fired up and ready to fight for the feminist cause – beginning at their college campuses and encouraging them to take their passion all the way to the state capitols!

We want you to work at your STATE LEVEL! We heard from Brandi Murley from South Dakota State and her involvement with student government. This is a great catalyst for running for office and getting feminist voices in the legislative offices of our country.

“Look into the law because that is the tool we can use to make sure universities are responsible.” -Laura Dunn of SurvJustice

“You don’t have to leave your campus. You can schedule a meeting with your representative.” -Eleanor Smeal, President FMF

Activist Pledges from all the young feminists at NYFLC 2013

“I’m here to ask you, please, please…please, please run for office!” -Brandi Murley from South Dakota State

“Issues at the state level — you cannot underestimate how much power you have!” -Miranda Petersen, Campus Organizer

“It’s all about harassment with [anti-choicers]. They’re bullies and they need to be dealt with.” -Brooke Hoffenke, Campus Organizer

“The environment and reproductive health is an economic and human rights issue.” -Kari Ross, Campus Organizer

“Get [students] registered to vote, get them educated on the issues, get them mobilized to VOTE.” -Francesca Witcher, Campus Organizer

Many students also stood up to the mic and talked about what they’re going to do back on campus and asking what they can do after they graduate. Run for public office! City council! Many brave feminists shared their stories of sexual violence. When every single attendee in the room literally stood in solidarity, there was more than one person tearing up.

If you missed the Closing Assembly, you can watch the video on our Ustream channel: http://bit.ly/nyflcTV

Also available on Ustream:
General Assembly I – From Campuses to the Capitols
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