Feminists Fight Back: Post Election Reflections

By Feminist Campus Team

As you can imagine, it’s been a tumultuous time in Washington, D.C. and across the nation. We here at Feminist Campus know how you feel. We’re still reeling from the election, and we hope that you’re practicing self-care and are leaning on one another. In these times, things feel so uncertain, and so many plans have shifted. You might not know where to go from here—and that’s okay. Take time to reflect upon how much great work we did over this election cycle. None of this was in vain.

In the midst of such uncertainty, one thing we know that will not shift or slow down is the sheer ingenuity, cleverness, fire, and fight burning inside all of you. Student power can move mountains—we have witnessed proudly all the ways you’ve been shaking things up on your campus and in your community. Please, do not give up. We need you now, more than ever.

The things we are fighting are not new to us—we face these challenges everyday. Racism, sexism, homophobia, cissexism, xenophobia, and other systems of oppression that seek to keep us from living our fullest and best lives are not new to us. However, the landscape on which we fight is new, one we haven’t seen before.  Solidarity is survival, and we must never waiver in our vision of a better future for everyone. The road ahead will not be the one we anticipated, nor will it be an easy one, but it is the one we have to travel. And together, by drawing strength from our differences and uniting in our common values, we can ensure the future we dreamed of is still achievable. We will keep each other—and our shared future—safe.

We must come together to take care of one another and be resilient together—because that’s what we do as feminists. We are tenacious. We are powerful. We are the majority.

By Feminist Campus Team


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