Recap: My Internship at FMF

By Katie Kamins

Spending a semester surrounded by bright, passionate women, who deeply care about making this world a safe and fair place for women, was one of the most enriching experiences  ever. My internship at the Feminist Majority Foundation not only solidified my feelings of feminism, but also exposed me to issues and events that were brand new to me.

I certainly experienced an #onlyatFMF moment when I attended a rally in honor of Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards, testimony in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee at the United States Capitol. Women in pink from various organizations came together to  protest the war on women and fight for our right to choose. We listened to countless government officials, including Nancy Pelosi and Rosa DeLauro, speak with rage and passion, admonishing politicians  for their lack of understanding. It was overwhelmingly inspiring and worthwhile. I felt like I was part of a movement that was validating the existence of women as people who should undoubtedly have the option to do whatever they want with their bodies without white men making that decision for them.


Another aspect of my internship that I truly enjoyed was writing blog posts (like this one!) for the Feminist Campus Team.  To write a personal account on issues that I care about—or issues I didn’t even realize were issues and then writing about that experience of education—allowed me to find my voice and express it on a professional platform.

I also appreciated attending the Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues luncheon with Education Equity and Title IX coordinator Sue Klein . Hearing prominent women discuss specific issues regarding the disparity between men and women in terms of money, engineering jobs, or child support was very eye opening. Not only did I learn a lot from each speaker, but I also felt like I was part of a past generation of activists, who are continuing the fight for female equality and representation.

Lastly, my favorite part about interning at the Feminist Majority Foundation was the atmosphere of unconditional warmth and attentiveness that surrounded every room in the DC office. Feminism tends to generate an environment of acceptance and supportiveness and this feminist organization did just that. I grew as a person, as a woman, and as a feminist this semester and I cannot thank the Feminist Majority Foundation enough for providing me the space and opportunity to do so.


Today is Katie’s last day with us at FMF and we wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors! – Feminist Campus Team

By Katie Kamins

Katie is currently an intern with the Feminist Majority Foundation, as well as a student at George Washington University, where she studies Political Communication. Her favorite places in DC are Adams Morgan and the Georgetown Waterfront.

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