Sufferin’ til Suffrage

By Meghan Shalvoy

In case you couldn’t tell by the plethora of yard signs or TV ads, we’re in an election year, folks. Many states have key races and measures on the ballot this year that will deeply impact your lives and your future. This fall, the Feminist Majority Foundation will return to college campuses with our Get Out HER Vote Campaign, to encourage young women to register to vote, to become informed on the issues, and pledge to cast your vote (along with all your friends) on November 2!

For many of us (now full fledged politicos) our first introduction to politics was from the catchy tunes of School House Rock. (Yes, I’m only a bill, and I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill…) To celebrate the recent 90th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment and to pay homage to our SHR mentors, turn back the clock and remember the time when we were “sufferin’ until suffrage” and pledge to vote this fall.

“Then the 19th Amendment struck down that restrictive rule. (Oh yeah!)
And now we pull down on the lever,
Cast our ballots and we endeavor
To improve our country, state, county, town, and school.”

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