Here’s How You Can Support Clinics and Abortion Providers in Alabama

Reproductive Health Services, the only abortion clinic in Montgomery, Alabama
By Laura Jensen

This week, Operation Save America (OSA) is in Montgomery, Alabama, demonstrating against the only clinic left in the city. OSA, one of the most radical anti-choice groups in the country, will not be picketing alone, as they will be joined by Alabama’s State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. Reproductive justice leaders like Feminist Majority Foundation and clinic defenders in Alabama are fighting back, ensuring the clinic remains safe, open, and accessible. If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering what you can do to help make sure this clinic can continue operating.

Reproductive Health Services, the only abortion clinic in Montgomery, Alabama
Reproductive Health Services, the only abortion clinic in Montgomery, Alabama

Luckily, there are some effective (and fun!) ways to donate to the clinic’s defense:

Keep Montgomery’s Last Standing Abortion Clinic Safe and Open

You can donate money specifically for safety measures at Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery, Alabama. RHS is the only clinic in Montgomery, and one of the first women’s health clinics in the state. The clinic has been providing safe, accessible abortion services for over thirty years. By donating to this fund, you ensure not only that RHS is equipped with the securty it needs, but also that the FMF’s National Clinic Access Project can continue protecting abortion providers and keeping clinics open nationwide. Half of your donation will go to RHS, and half will go towards FMF’s Clinic Defense Team. This fund is especially important throughout the week, as the defense team is on the ground in Alabama to guard against clinic sieges, providing support for clinic defense, escorting, and legal observation.


If you are looking to donate in a way that is just as productive, but a little more entertaining, you can Adopt an Anti. Pledge a specific amount for each anti-choice picketer in Montgomery between July 11-18. Even more interesting, you can specify a particular anti-choice protestor to sponsor, ranging from ten dollars a day for Bobby’s Bouquet of Roses, who “hands out roses to any woman who will accept it,” to two-hundred dollars for Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. As an add-on, you can sponsor a dollar for “every child dragged to these anti-choice protests.” All money raised goes to Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates, helping people safely obtain abortions in Alabama. Give to a great cause and have a good laugh!

Whether you donate directly or decide to have some fun adopting an anti, I encourage you to give what you can to keep abortion services in Alabama safe and accessible for all.

By Laura Jensen

Laura is a junior at Colby College where she double-majors in Government and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She is currently working as the National Clinic Access Project Intern at FMF. When not writing feminist blogs, Laura can be found dancing, drinking (too much) coffee, and pretending to be an adult.

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