Welcome Summer 2016 Interns: Part 3

By Kelli Musick

The Feminist Majority Foundation offers internships throughout the year in our Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA offices. We are so excited to have a new class of Interns join us this summer. Interns are an essential part of the Feminist Majority Foundation office and perform a wide variety of responsibilities, including monitoring press conferences, research, web and social media outreach and writing, event and community organizing, public policy analysis, organizational networking, media relations, and monitoring Congressional hearings. Each intern works closely with a staff member in order to learn directly from hands on experience and to contribute to substantive projects. Check out our Summer 2016 Interns below!

FMF West Coast Intern

Myko Lyric
College/University and Major:
New York UniversityRecorded Music, Business of Entertainment and Media
FMF Projects: National Abortion Survey
What Feminist issues are you most passionate about? Black feminism, reproductive rights, access to education
What are you most excited about living in Los Angeles? Though born and raised in Los Angeles, I am excited to be back home with a new frame of mind and set of goals after living in NYC. I’m very happy to be working with like-minded people and surrounding myself with ambitious people.

I am Myko Lyric and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m interning at the Feminist Majority Foundation for a plethora of reasons, the first being that FMF’s GLI program had a profound affect on me as a high school member and president.  My passion for women’s and human rights escalated from there, and living in New York for two years at NYU Tisch made me realize that even the most progressive areas have severe deficiencies when it comes to women’s equality. The Black Lives Matter movement also made me very intent on pursuing this internship, as I believe that black women must have a voice in feminist organizations. I hope to get a closer look at the plight of reproductive rights nationwide and develop a plan to continue my activism for the woman’s right to choose as I enter my third year at NYU. I also aim to be a voice for African-American women to help gender equality include all races. Gaining an understanding for all things related to gender/race equality is very important to me as a member of society and as an artist, as I intend to use art as a platform for social change.


Liz Griesmer 
College/University and Major: Vassar College, Political Science and French & Francophone Studies
FMF Projects: ERA, Feminist Newswire
What Feminist issue are you most passionate about: Gender-based violence, Intersectional Feminism, Global Women’s Rights
What are you most excited about living in D.C.? To me, D.C. is a place for passionate people looking to make a difference. I appreciate the energy and engagement of my fellow feminist change-makers here.

My name is Elizabeth Griesmer and I’m interning with the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Government Relations and Media Departments. I was born and raised in Westfield, New Jersey, and now attend Vassar College as a senior. Growing up, I’ve recognized a need for feminism at nearly every stage and in nearly every aspect of my life. Although there’s no doubt in my mind that women are just as important and capable as men, our policies, legislation and attitudes do not reflect this. I firmly believe that we as women need to advocate for themselves so that we may one day live without fear of violence, discrimination and bodily control. Working for the FMF will offer me a path to creating positive change in both legislation and culture. Through this internship, I hope to identify the government’s role in dismantling rape culture and gain the skills needed to advance pro-women policy. Since the fight for justice cannot be contained within borders, I aim to engage with women activists around the world at the grassroots and national level. Finally, I am eager to study the narratives of gender-nonconforming people in order to grasp the oppressiveness of the gender binary.


Jenna Lewinstein
College/University and Major:Scripps College with a Political Science Major and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies MinorFMF Projects:National Clinic Violence Survey and Women in Policing
What Feminist issues are you most passionate about? I am most passionate about contraceptive and reproductive rights, as I believe they are essential for women’s equality by enabling women to choose the course of their life. Beyond that, I take a special interest in feminist conversations in pop culture and social media. Because I am part of a generation inextricably dependent on social media consumption, I see first hand how media representation dictates how women are viewed in society.What are you most excited about living in Los Angeles?I am excited about living with my parents and older brother again after a year at college, and enjoying weekends on the beach in the sun.

My name is Jenna Lewinstein, I’m from Los Angeles and I go to school in Claremont, California. With my academic background, the Feminist Majority Foundation is the organization that meets at the intersection of my two most fervent passions: social justice and feminism. While I aspire to become a politician and represent women’s interests in government, I have been loving fomenting change on a grassroots level at FMF. By the time I leave for school, I hope I have played a role in advancing the feminist cause by helping FMF protect women’s reproductive rights and raising awareness and inciting action regarding domestic violence. I am obsessed with the NPR, the 2016 election, and news in general, and my Facebook timeline is full of articles I love mixed in with my own political musings. When I’m not at FMF or watching the news, I’m at the beach, singing while playing piano or guitar, or cuddling my golden retriever Zozo.

Lindsay Wilson-Feminist Campus Blog picture

Lindsay Wilson
College/University and Major: Lehigh University for Political Science and Global Studies
FMF Projects: National Clinic Violence Survey
What Feminist Issue are you most passionate about: Reproductive health care and education!
What are you most excited about living in Los Angeles: Spending time at home with my family and golden retriever!

Hi! My name is Lindsay Wilson and I am a rising junior at Lehigh University. I am majoring in Political Science and Global Studies. I am originally from Los Angeles, California and I’m so excited to be interning at the Feminist Majority Foundation in my hometown this summer. I am thrilled to begin exploring my interest in women’s rights and law. I’m also looking forward to getting to know all the other interns who share my passions!

By Kelli Musick

Kelli Musick is a National Campus Organizer at the Feminist Majority Foundation. Born and raised in Virginia, she spends her time advocating for women's equality, drinking too much coffee, and playing with her kitten, Tippy.

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