Feminist Wins of the Week

By Elle Winfield

Is anyone else glad this week is over? For the Feminist Campus team on the East Coast, the entire week has looked like this:

Here’s are some Feminist Wins from the past two weeks to add a little bit of sunshine 🌞 to this dreary Friday:

Pakistan passes pivotal Transgender Persons Act

Last week, the Parliament of Pakistan made the landmark decision to approve the Transgender Persons (Protections of Rights) Act, a bill that both recognizes the rights of Pakistani citizens to self-identity their gender and prohibits all discrimination in workplaces, educational institutions, and medical offices. Not only does this set an exceptional precedent within the country, but it marks Pakistan as a global leader for trans legal rights and may (we hope! 🤞) encourage other countries to follow suit in the future.

Huge wins for women in U.S. primaries

Women leaders have taken state primaries by storm this week, with at least seven women winning their respective primary races in Pennsylvania. The state, whose congressional delegation currently consists of 20 men (and only men), represents the 6th largest population in the United States. Pennsylvania’s electoral politics have also been in the headlines recently due to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s January ruling on gerrymandering that led to the state’s redistricting – a win for voting rights earlier this year. Other states holding primaries this week saw similar surges in not only women’s participation, but also their success; as the New York Times reports, “Ten states have had primaries so far, and in those, 60 women have won and 63 have lost.”

Here’s to more women running for office – and winning!

Mexico Supreme Court rules on abortion rights

CW: sexual assault

After two years of court appeals, plaintiffs Marimar and Fernanda finally received justice this week following a ruling by the Mexican Supreme Court. While abortion is legal in Mexico if a pregnancy is due to sexual assault, both women were routinely denied access to this right – an all too common occurrence in the country (111,413 times too common, to be exact). But on May 10th, with the help of GIRE (Information Group on Reproductive Choice), the Supreme Court formally reaffirmed access to abortion as a basic human right for Mexican citizens. As Amie Newman, blogger for Our Bodies Ourselves, writes,

These are major rulings for the rights of women and girls in Mexico, our neighbor to the south. Regina Tamés, Executive Director of GIRE, told me of the cases, ‘This sets a precedent for the whole country. This gives us hope and empowers victims of rape because they know now that the court is on their side.’

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, & Transphobia

Now in its 14th year, May 17th is a day recognized globally, honoring the human rights of safety and prosperity, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Ever expanding with international support, IDAHOBIT is now celebrated in more than 130 countries (including 37 where non-heterosexual expressions of sexuality are still criminalized). Learn more about the history of IDAHOBIT, and check out the hashtag of yesterday’s commentary and actions!

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