Power Plays Vol. 6: Feminist Love Songs

Via Feminist Campus.
By Taylor Kuether

Just in time for Galentine’s Day (or Valentine’s Day, if you prefer), we’ve compiled a few sultry love ballads for you – all with a feminist angle to them. Enjoy!

Power Plays Vol. 6: Feminist Love Songs from feministcampus on 8tracks Radio.

1. Betty Who “Somebody Loves You”

Our favorite feminist lyric: “If I am good to you/ Won’t you be good to me/ That’s how easy this should be.”

A feminist reminder that mutually supportive relationships are easy and necessary!

(FYI, Betty is a singer, songwriter, and also a hummer extraordinaire.)

2. John Legend “All of Me”

Our favorite lyric: “’Cause all of me/ Loves all of you/ Love your curves and all your edges/ All your perfect imperfections.”

Everyone is beautiful and worthy of love. Thank you for that legendary message, John Legend (sorry, we had to).

3. Florence and the Machine “You’ve Got The Love”

Our favorite lyric: “Sometimes I feel like saying “Lord I just don’t care/ But you’ve got the love I need/ To see me through.”

A healthy, supportive relationship? That sounds pretty feminist to us.

4. Sara Bareilles “Choose You”

Our favorite lyric: “I will become yours and you will become mine/ I choose you”

In addition to an adorable music video where Sara helps two couples propose, this song is all about an equal partnership in love. We like it!

5. Gina Chavez “The Sweet Sound of your Name”

Our favorite lyric: “I hope one day you’ll agree with me that you deserve the loveliest things.”

This jazz-infused bilingual ballad is a beautiful testament to the importance of appreciating your partner in relationships.

6. Hunter Hayes “If You Told Me To”

Our favorite lyric: “Yeah, I could be so good at loving you, but only if you told me to.”

You know what’s awesome and romantic? Consent.

7. Queen Latifah “Mood Is Right”

Our favorite lyric: “I’m ready to let you love me all night.”

Enthusiastic consent is the best Valentine’s gift!

8. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros “Home”

Our favorite lyric: “Ahh home, let me come home/ Home is wherever I’m with you”

Both male and female vocalists sing our favorite line. Communication plus equal and mutual love? How feminist!

By Taylor Kuether

Taylor is a journalist, feminist, cat enthusiast, and proud Wisconsin native. She works for Feminist Majority Foundation as the Campus Communications Associate. Her two favorite things besides her cat, Emma, are coffee and art museums.

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