We Defeated Amendment 6 in Florida!

By Laura Kacere

We did it! Our wonderful, dedicated Campus Team organizers helped Florida voters defeat Amendment 6, which would have endangered women’s lives by restricting access to abortion and would have deleted from the Florida constitution a right to privacy clause that guarantees women’s access to abortion and birth control. It could have banned health insurance from covering medical care for abortion and could have prevented a woman with cancer from getting the care she would needs to protect her health. The ballot measure was defeated in last night’s election, 55% to 45%.

THANK YOU to the hard work not only of our organizers, but of the volunteers who worked tirelessly canvassing in their communities and running phone banks, and the dedicated students who, despite being buried by midterms and papers, took time out of their schedule to get petitions and fliers to their campuses, hold events, and organize their fellow students to vote no on Amendment 6. Without you, this dangerous amendment may have succeeded in building even more barriers to women’s reproductive choice.

Together, we made  it clear to the anti-choice groups who fought for the amendment that women will NOT stand and watch while their rights are taken away. Women will stand up and fight!

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