Hey, NYFLC! Watch Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s Address Just For You!

By Feminist Campus Team

The Campus Team could not be more thrilled with last weekend’s National Young Feminist Leadership Conference. With more than 600 students from across the country in attendance, and inspiring and passionate speeches from influential experts and our own FMLA students alike, we think it’s safe to say that this was the best NYFLC yet!

But even the best of events have their tiny glitches – during one of our General Assemblies,  a video address by Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) was unable to be played due to a technical difficulty. Congresswoman Speier, from the 14th Congressional District in California, has long been a champion for the issues that FMF and our students are fighting for, including justice for survivors of sexual assault on college campuses and in the military, and equal pay for equal work.

This message for NYFLC 2015 was about the importance of supporting the Equal Rights Amendment. “Without the ERA, women must overcome burdensome legal barriers to assert their rights,” Congresswoman Speier explained, emphasizing how students can play an important role in this issue. “You have much more power to effect change than you think!”

As we know, a federal ERA would enshrine the concept of women’s equality in the US Constitution, and would create a national legal standard for the elimination of sex discrimination in all areas of life. The ERA would also not only protect the gains we have won, but also give a constitutional basis for proactive legislation that would secure equality going forward.

Feminist Campus wants to make sure that students have the opportunity to hear Congresswoman Speier’s important message, which can also be found on the Feminist Campus Youtube account!

Want to get involved in fighting for a federal ERA? Visit our Act Now page or check out our Campaign Resources.

By Feminist Campus Team


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